They are going to take our Medical Marijuana away

On March 13, 2015 the Washington State Senate voted yes on Bill SB 5202. The bill will now go to the House legislators and if passed Governor Inslee has said he will sign it.

This bill changes forever the Medical Marijuana rules that were voted into affect in 1998. A quick review of this new law uncovers the real motive behind changing our current medical marijuana rules.

This bill will do many negative and adverse things that will not help any medical patient. It will..

1. Require you to be in a database and require a different medical practitioner to authorize you for medical marijuana. This will cost you more money than you can afford at present.

2. Will have retail marijuana producers providing inferior product claiming it is medical grade. It will go through the same testing etc. as retail is now. This will also increase the cost of the marijuana while decreasing the quality.

3. Effectively eliminates all collective gardens and dispensaries.

4. You will only be able to possess 2 ounces total of dried flowers for your medical needs.

These are just a few of the terrible changes this would bring all the while increasing the cost of your necessary medicine. Anyone violating these conditions is subject to a class C Washington State felony.

So what are we to do that can not afford to pay $10 to $12 per gram for non-medical grade inferior marijuana? The answer is quite simple. The vast majority of us will have no choice but to go back to the black market to obtain an affordable and in most cases a better product. This will basically make myself and others criminals and fearful of arrest just so that we can get through the day without suffering.

Here are some links to the bill   You can scroll down to get to the pdf file of the bill on there.

Another driving force behind this is a fellow by the name of Martin Tobias who is an ex Microsoft bigwig who is now involved in the retail marijuana market and wants to be the Phillip Morris of the marijuana business. He is the driving force behind these changes and has been quietly setting up special interest groups and funneling money to Washington State legislators. Here is a very informative link to what he is doing

We can not sit idly by while our medicine is taken away by these unscrupulous greedy people. Please email and call any and all of our legislators and make your voice heard. Here is the link to all the members of the Washington state legislature

I will try and make a email template letter you can send but it would be better if you put in your own words how bad of a law this would be and how it would negatively affect you.

Here is another link to a facebook page devoted to protecting our medical marijuana in Washington State

Please, please help. Time is running out.