Bud Snob Myth #2 – Green and Fresh Buds

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See our samples above. These are our indoor grown in soil buds that we currently have available. These are not yet fully cured but will turn more brown with age as the chlorophyll degrades.

Myth #2 – Buds Should Be Green and Fresh

Wow. Where do I start? This kind of thinking may be accurate for fresh vegetables and fruit or rose flowers but is not true of cannabis. The cannabis plant goes through a natural life cycle as an annual plant. This is not to say a grower should wait to harvest until the plant looks like it is dying.

The proper harvest technique is to use a jewelers loop and look at the trichomes. When you get the proper balance of say close to 33% amber, 33% milky and 33% clear then the plant is ready for harvest. It is quite natural for the plant to have yellowing dying leaves and even buds at this cycle of its life.

Growers who base their harvest on the hair colors or just eyeballing them are usually the ones growing for money and bag appeal or ignorance. You will hear a common theme from myself and that is it is all about the trichomes. Nothing else matters but the trichomes as this is the medicine. All the rest of the plant is nothing more than a means to transport those trichomes into your body.

The whole concept of green and fresh is laughable at best and it basically is another disservice that the professional for profit mmj medical dispensaries foist upon the general medical cannabis user. It all starts with educating the patients which they do not care about.

Hydroponic growers usually have more of the green and fresh buds because the plant basically is being altered in its normal life cycle under those conditions. Most hydro growers use chemicals which are much harder to flush out of the plants system and so you are partaking in chemicals which you have no clue what they are and or what long or short term effects they may have on you.

The green in buds is nothing more than chlorophyll. Proper curing is necessary to reduce the chlorophyll. This takes time. A proper cure will result in a mix colored bud of brownish to green with a much smoother flavor and less harshness. The proper curing changes the pigments and is normal. So if you are seeing some yellowing or browning big deal.

Again the common theme should always be how good the medicine is and not what it looks like.