Bud Snob Myth #1 – Hard Nugs

DSC00030 DSC00029 DSC00028

See our samples above. These are our indoor grown in soil buds that we currently have available. These are not yet fully cured but will turn more brown with age as the chlorophyll degrades.

Myth #1 – Buds should be hard nuggets about thumb size.

Debunk – Usually the hardness or denseness of cannabis is dependent on strain. Of course there will be differences between outdoor grown (usually not as dense) versus indoor grown. That being said there is usually zero difference in the quality of the medicine (trichomes).

There are many tricks that growers and dispensaries use to create harder, denser buds such as compression or nasty chemical foliar feeds (usually in hydroponic grows).  Some growers say that adding additional co2 while growing makes harder buds. More on the co2 myth in a later post.

Some dispensaries have been known to rehydrate their mmj supply and then put in a vacuum sealer bag and compressing and then re-drying to a degree. Again this does nothing to make the bud any better other than to maybe introduce mold and to increase bag appeal.

I personally do not like to use hard nuggets as they are hard to break down and smoke. Most times you have to constantly relight and have a harder time getting the medicine into your body. I also have never seen any hard nugget being of better medicinal quality than any other nugget including the normal shake on the bottom of the bag.